Karin Wiberg is a sculptor who trained in Stockholm and lives and works in Malmö/Lund. Her sculptures are made of fired clay, which is then painted or cast in bronze.She has previously exhibited throughout Sweden and in Tokyo. Her upcoming exhibition venues include places both international and in Sweden.

I´ve always been fascinated by the primeval forest, its mystique, the genuine sorce, the dangerous and unknown, the beautiful and delightful.Who do we meet there deep inside the darkest forest, when we feel that we are not on our usual safe ground but instead are stepping into a new and different world?Every figure lives its own life with a bit of me in it.The sculptures are busts of people and animals who see you; they think, wonder what you are thinking in your innermost self. Figures who manifest themselves as grey stones coming up from the ground, ethereal white beings, animals with a human gaze, people with an animal´s look of wonder. / Karin


Mail: info@karinwiberg.se
Phone: +46(0)703-656325